Jérémy Provencher: Learn to discover yourself, stand out, realize your full potential.

Jérémy Provencher : Apprendre à se découvrir, se démarquer, se réaliser.

Jérémy, 23, teaches elementary school and pursues his dance career. Teaching is the perfect profession for being able to carry out certain parallel projects, in addition to providing it with the stability necessary to flourish. According to his possible dance contracts, it would always be possible to modify his schedule by supplying teachers.

Dancer and teacher fulfilled, he has never feared to work for his success. But before he could find what he wanted to accomplish, and how he wanted to do it, there is a whole inspiring journey behind him.

Discovering yourself

When you are young (and even an adult!), It is good to try a lot of things because you may go through discovering new areas of interest, but it is also important to respect yourself when you discover, on the contrary, things that you don't like to do. There is no point in forcing things, since naturally we are attracted to what we love. For his part, Jérémy has always loved to watch music videos where there was dance. Although he had tried several sports, none was able to keep him motivated, until he indulged in Hip Hop dance at the studio of the Tendanse school in Granby around the age of 12. When he saw the competitive teams at work at the end-of-year show, he said to himself “ That's my goal! " After a whole summer of training, he was selected to join them during the auditions for the following year. When you evolve within competition teams, you benefit from a multitude of technical learning, which are the essential basis of a dancer. On the other hand, you should know that the goal of a team is generally to develop a certain parity between dancers. Although this type of learning is an extremely enriching and necessary passage, it is essential to practice solo to learn to know yourself. Jérémy suggests participating individually in several different open classes, going to conventions, and above all, exploring by doing a lot of freestyle . It will not be long, our own individual strengths will surface! We will gradually want to put a personal touch to the movements, and this is where it is important to let go. When you manage to develop your ability to execute a given style as much as to demonstrate your unique style, you become an asset for many organizations.

Stand out, the key to a successful audition

Knowing how to stand out is essential in dance. Mainly during auditions, which are inevitably part of the journey (unless you devote yourself to it only as an occasional leisure activity, which is just as acceptable!). It can be relatively easy to have access to certain auditions, so no one should miss them. You may be terrified, or amused, but whatever, risk it! And while taking action, how can we maximize our chances of standing out among all these talented dancers? Jérémy has often had proof that his own identity as a dancer was the reason why he was selected ... or refused, if he had not been able to show this unique identity. In an audition, you won't be the only one able to execute precisely what is requested, but you will be the only person to have your unique dance personality. It is therefore an opportunity to highlight it! During an important audition in which Jérémy participated at Studio Party Time in Quebec, a coach said to the dancers before seeing them at work: “What we are looking for is superstars! " It was enough for Jérémy to fully understand that the judges are there generally to recruit dancers who can take your breath away. And that's what he did. He even dared to go with a personal moove on the table in front of the judges! Which translated into success. The idea is to show what an amazing performer you are and build on your strengths and what you like to do, as explored during individual development. "Above all, don't be afraid to assert yourself and dance the way you want," says Jérémy.

Realize your full potential

Once you have got to know yourself and know how to promote yourself, you can create a nice and fun following representing yourself, and undertake stimulating projects that you have at heart. This is exactly what Jérémy did, by creating the Rainboys team, which brings together 5 exceptional dancers. Through this group, he hopes to convey the message that dance has no gender, and that everyone can dance according to their desires. "We can see excellent examples of non-gendered performances in issues of Ariana Grande, especiallythe one of the Grammys 2020 : female roles could be played either by male or female dancers," he tells us. He also continued teaching dance with competitive teams at the Tendanse studio, while retaining his general teaching in elementary school. Even if it is sometimes difficult, he wants to save time for his individual development as a dancer "If I don't do it, I will feel overwhelmed, because it evolves so quickly!" " The next challenge in which he would like to get involved is to coach dancers in private, to precisely accompany them in the discovery of their own identity. Although he agrees that the ideal for an effective journey is to start as young as possible, and to go at your own pace, there is always the possibility of accomplishing great things when you do it only adulthood. "I have friends who started very late, having never danced as a child, and who have now become professional dancers," he says.

It is a privilege to be able to undertake and accomplish the projects we want, but it is accessible to all. Simply follow some key steps, and decide to go after each of them.

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