We design Sportswear clothing with a Street look. Each creation is inspired by the elites of the dance industry and designed from high-performance materials. What give you a boost of confidence to surpass yourself!

following your passion is a

family story

Julie DeBellefeuille


A fashion designer by training, passionate about business development, it was after having been immersed in the world of dance for the past 12 years with my daughters that I decided to combine the best of all my worlds. During the 90s, aside from dancing, my favorite hobby was designing and making all kinds of dance costumes. Having an interest in treetwear and the Montreal underground scene, I found it just as stimulating to create for electronic music events as for Jazz ballet shows! Dance in Quebec has evolved over the years, and I am amazed by the richness of this community. I have the chance to rediscover dance from a new angle through the journey of my daughters, and I witness extraordinary achievements from lots of inspiring young people. In addition to improving their physical skills, they above all develop healthy habits and extraordinary mental strength!

I have worked for over a year to build a business that will highlight all of these young people who form a highly inspiring community. Admitting that style is a priority, and noting that there is not really a brand that offers the desired look combined with technical properties adapted to the needs of dancers, I agreed that I had to create the clothing brand MOVEMENT. A brand that aims to be united, concerned about the well-being of young dancers and that supports motivation and commitment to its objectives.

My first 2 inspirations, my daughters ...

Annjoly Deslauriers

“Dance occupies a very important place in my life! It allows me to relieve the stress of bad days or to just think of nothing, to empty ... There are also so many dancers who inspire me to surpass myself! "

Annjoly started dancing at the age of 3 in ballet and Street Jazz, then in   lyric thereafter. She participates each year in several competitions throughout Quebec. She started teaching as an assistant coach for toddlers.

Emmy-Lee Deslauriers

"Dancing makes me so happy!" These are the moments when I feel the best! I have lots of dreams to achieve through dance. "

Emmy-Lee has been dancing since she was 2 years old. She quickly fell in love with Hip Hop after learning the basics of Street Jazz. At the age of 10 she decided to start her first dream: to be classified for the World Championship of Hip Hop in Arizona. She succeeded 2 years later, with her troop. She also participated twice in World of Dance, in the USA.