Movement's Dancers Funds

Movement's Dancers Fund, in partnership with the Fondation des Artistes

The creation of this fund, in partnership with the Fondation des Artistes, aims to support artists who are experiencing contract cancelations and who are facing loss of income due to Covid-19. These funds will be redistributed specifically to artists in the dance community.



Here are the main eligibility criteria for the Movement Dance Fund :

  • be a dancer receiving income from activities related to dance, and having the status of self-employed;
  • be a dancer victim of loss or postponement of contracts due to COVID-19;
  • be a dancer demonstrating real financial difficulties and unable to meet his basic needs

* People who may receive regular employment insurance (unemployment insurance) benefits will not be eligible for the Movement Dance Fund.

All dancers meeting the above criteria, who wish to request assistance, can fill out the form which will be filed here from April 15, 2020.